Stephen Carrigan - Celtic, Traditional & Maritime Music


With over ten years singing and performing, I know lots of music. If I don't know it, I'll learn it.

Flexibility and Range

From bars to banquets, me and my crew have performed all over. First of all, I only perform with professional "A" players. We specialize in classic songs performed well. This could be anything from a classy Celtic trio, to an all out electric Irish party. Our electric syle is not as aggressive as other irish rock bands. Therefore, we are perfect for entertaining young and old. We're exciting without being drunken and brash. We're a family oriented band.

A Distinct Voice

I was trained to sing acapella in noisy environments, so I have developed a clear and unique Celtic vocal quality that cuts through the mix. I have a distinct sound and the ability to let the story within the song emerge.Listen for yourself.