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Local FOlk May 27, 2013 Max Godfrey

Farm hand Max Godfrey teaches about food and tradition with his series of "Soup and Song" presentations

Local FOlk May 20, 2013 Danny Spooner

Danny Spooner takes time from his tour in America to talk about music, WWII, Barging, and the future of the tradition.

Local FOlk April 22, 2013 Jason Krigler

Jason suffered a stroke while perfoming on stage many years ago. The prognosis was bleak. Now, with the help of his family and friends, he continues to make constant improvements and is doing things most people don't even dream of - truly an inspiration

Local FOlk April 8, 2013 Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Musician and friend Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki is the pretege of former guests "Two Fiddles" He has a great take on the future of great fiddle music

Local FOlk April 1, 2013 Jeff Warner - Logging

Jeff Warner joins me again, and this time with a specific topic- logging

Local FOlk March 18, 2013 Brian Randall

Newmarket native who completed the RPM challenge

Local FOlk March 11, 2013 John Corcoran

Irish musician full of great stories

Local FOlk March 4, 2013 Ryan Flanagan

Ryan's a fountain of music. His latest musical project included 365 songs in a year. He's also about to embark on a cross country bike trip. What's your goal?

Local Folk February 25, 2013 Dan Blakeslee

Portsmouth's ubiquitous artist and performer takes a different approach to the music and follows his passions

Local FOlk February 18, 2013 Tyler Foss

Member of Dover based band Bradigan, Tyler shares some great insights about music, community, and family

Local FOlk February 11, 2013 David Johnson

My first author, David talks about his involvement in the music.

Local FOlk February 4, 2013 Christian Stevens

One of the finest concertina players I've ever heard, Christian Stevens is certainly talented. He's also a great embassador of the folk tradition, and a great guy.

Local FOlk January 28, 2013 David Hallowell

One of the remaining core members of the Press Room session, Dave has eluded my program by always playing a gig on Monday nights. I finally got out the recorder, and I'm glad I did.

Local FOlk January 14, 2013 Tom Rota

One of the hubs of the Portland folk music scene, Tom shares great story and song

Local FOlk January 7, 2013 Cuzin Richard & Friends

Musicians bring instruments. What does a booking agent bring? Bands!

Local FOlk December 17, 2012 Tom Hall

At long last, the godfather of the Press Room session shares stories, and history with me.

>Local FOlk December 10, 2012 Joyce Anderson and Harvey Reid

A fun time with this incredibly talented local couple

Local FOlk November 26, 2012 Craig Werth with Kyle Carey

Two great sounds that sound great together

Local FOlk November 19, 2012 Jon Ross

Don't be fooled by imitations. This is the Jon Ross that has performed with James Cotton, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and too many other famous bands to list. Like many great musicians, he's living locally and playing live. Listen in and find out more about this great contributor to the Portsmouth area music scene. Then, get out there and listen to some live music!

Local FOlk November 12, 2012 Alan Reid

Alan Reid, accompanied by Rob Van Sante dropped in to visit me while on tour here in the U.S. Alan is a founding member of The Battlefield Band, and is now on tour with Rob promoting their new CD "The Adventures of John Pul Jones". He shares some great stories about how he got going in music, and where he's going from here.

Local FOlk November 5, 2012 Ellen Calson

Ellen is an eclectic singer and fiddle player who I knew as a member of the bluegrass band High Range. I found out she's a lot more than just a bluegrass fiddler. Her new CD "People I Play With" contains a great diversity of styles and genres, as well as original tunes and songs.

Local FOlk October 22, 2012 Frank Lanford

Frank Lanford hosts a traditional Irish Session at Mel Flannagan's in Rochester, NH and is also a member of the folk community. He shares with us stories, songs, and resources.

Local FOlk October 15, 2012 Elizabeth Carrigan

Elizabeth Carrigan is a singer and artist. Her take on folk music led her to start recording an album in her own modern style. Unfortunately, a stroke several years back put these plans on hold. Listen to what she's put down so far, where it came from, and where she's going with it.

Local FOlk October 8, 2012 Terrie Ilaria

Voice coach Terrie Ilaria has somw great insight into what it takes to sing.

Local FOlk October 1, 2012 Joe Stevens

"Hotshot" photographer Joe Stevens talks about how he became a rock & roll photographer. Guess what, it all started with folk music. Learn more here

Local FOlk September 17, 2012 Howard Stith with Mike Rogers

Delta Blues guys with a cool sound. Find out more at his website, or that of his partner Mike "Bullfrog" Rogers

Local FOlk September 10, 2012 Bob Dunlavey

Button accordion player with a great ear

Local FOlk September 3, 2012 Fiddling Thomsons

Father and son musical pair...not just fiddles! Learn more here.

Local FOlk August 27, 2012 London Julie

Regulars at the Press Room session, these chicks join forces for a unique new sound in Maritime music. Find out more on their Facebook page

Local FOlk August 20, 2012 Allen Eaton

Entymologist, former chorus singer and present session regular and member of Maritime band Mudhook.

Local FOlk August 13, 2012 Eamon Coyne

Excellent Irish fiddler from a family of great musicians. His website can be found here.

Local FOlk August 6, 2012 Bob Frost

Session stalwart and banjo player shares some great songs from the past

Local FOlk July 30, 2012 Steve Brennan

Guitarist, songwriter and owner of Exeter Music

Local FOlk July 23, 2012 Cecil Abels

Great bluegrass musician. Also known as MisterSippy. Find out more here

Local FOlk July 16, 2012 Peter Souza

I've sang within reach of Peter Souza for many years at both the Press Room, and the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival, and boy was it fun. His commitment to the community at large is a huge asset to the maritime music world as is his knowledge of the music.

Local FOlk July 9, 2012 Rahel Limor

Rahel was born into the folk movement of the sixties, but was never really more than a closet performer until her move to Israel. Now she has an understanding of music that allows her to really help those in need, and those that just want to hear some great songs! More at her website.

Local FOlk July 2, 2012 Lorna Simes

I know Lorna through the Press Room session on Friday nights. She's a great singer, and shares with us a few of her musical adventures. Her influences are wild, diverse, and brought her to some great places musically. Also, she will soon be actively participating in Elysium Arts Folk Club's rebirth in Dover. So listen in!

Local FOlk June 25, 2012 Jessy Carolina & the Hot Mess

Jessy Carolina & the Hot Mess (aka Jerron, Mario, & Satoru) join me in studio B for a chat about traditional Jazz music, it's adaptations, and sources. They also talk about life as working musicians and how they get it all done. They are a great group and we had a fun time. More info at their website or facebook page.

Local FOlk June 18, 2012 Stephen Carrigan (Myself)

In honor of the WSCA 106.1 pledge drive (Please donate), I do something different and talk about how I came to the music. Enjoy!

Local FOlk June 11, 2012 Dennis and Judy Cook

Dennis has some helpful info for folk musicians from sound reinforcement to microphone technique, while Judy has great stories, info, and resources for folkies in training. Together we all had a great time. More info about Judy here.

Local FOlk June 4, 2012 Tony Giblin

Tony Giblin hails from Galway, Ireland and remembers as a child listening to great bands like Planxty warm up for gigs at his parents inn. In the years since then, he has moved to the US, opened 5 Irish pubs, had live traditional sessions at all of them, and has developed his own voice. He brought together some great local folk musicians and made a "legacy" CD for his family. Hear some selections from this new CD, and hear what Tony has to say about all this.

Local FOlk May 28, 2012 Jeff Warner

Jeff Warner is an educator of the highest order. To see his dad singing on stage and to be there while his folks met with rural musicians and collected folk music was enough to inspire Jeff to make music his life's work as well. He's thoughtful, insightful, and seems to have encyclopedic knowledge of American folk music. Jeff shares with us his musical influences and stories, as well as perspectives on how folk music became popularized, what's going on with it now, and commentary on it's many facets. We also chat about the future of traditional folk music. Learn more about him here.

Local FOlk May 21, 2012 Regina Delaney

To go from being an Engineer and Nurse, to working as a full time music and dance performer and instructor is no easy task. Regina Delaney did it, and talks about this experience with me. She's involved in Celtic dance, her own band Reaganta, and her New England Irish Harp Orchestra. How did this begin? Basically, someone lent her an old harp. Listen in for details.

Local FOlk May 17th, 2012 Gary Sredzienski

Gary Sredzienski, frontman for the accordian surf rock band "The Serfs" and radio host of WUNH's wildly popular folk radio program "Polka Party", Shared with us some really great info and insight on being a professional musician, following your passions, being an asset to the community, and all around how to be a great guy. More information here.

Local FOlk May 7, 2012 Dudley & Jacqueline Laufman Two Fiddles

Having developed a love for Contra Dance, Dudley Laufman brought the music to a whole new generation. He continues to do so with his musical and behind the scenes partner Jaqueline. More information at the "Two Fiddles" website.

Local FOlk April 30, 2012 Tom Lanigan

- Dublin born Tom Lanigan talks about life on the road, what it takes to be a working musician, and what rebel songs mean to him. More info at

Local FOlk April 23, 2012 Charlie Ipcar

-Where did "West Indies Blues" really come from? Who is C. Fox Smith? Answers to this and more with Maritime singer and writer Charlie Ipcar. More information at

Local FOlk April 16, 2012 Joey Arbata

-What does it take to be considered one of the best Uilleann pipers in the world? Joey Abarta knows and shares with us his insights on music and more. Visit

Local Oolk April 9, 2012 NEFFA overview David Bateman

-Special 1.5 hour program about a bastion of traditional arts, the "New England Folk Festival". More info on NEFFA's website.

Local FOlk April 2, 2012 Cynthia Chatis

Both Meditative and Jazzy, the music of Cynthia Chatis is just as at home in a Yoga class as it is at a poetry slam. Listen in to learn more.

Local Folk Mar. 26, 2012 Paul Carroll

Paul talks about his experiences performing Irish music around the world. Ever heard an Irish tune with didgeridoo? Liten in. More info about this Irish Balladeer at

Local Folk Mar. 19, 2012 David Surette

Ever thought about sitting down in your kitchen one night after dinner and recording a brilliant guitar album? That's the way Dave Surette does it. Acclaimed guitarist and teacher talks about how he got involved in not just playing the music, but teaching it as well. More info at Susie and Dave's website

Local Folk Mar. 5, 2012 Emery Hutchins

Multi-talented musician Emery Hutchins has played the big stages before. In fact, he toured with the Clancey Brothers. Find out why he now prefers to perform at more intimate venues. More info at Two Old Friends

Local Folk Feb. 27, 2012 Ian Lewis

Special 2 hour tribute to folk singer Dick Lewis of the Shenanigans

Local Folk Feb. 20, 2012 Carol Coronis

Greek and Celtic whirlwind fusion player and host of the folk radio program Aegean Connection, Carol Coronis shares with us what is great about both traditions.

Local Folk Feb. 13, 2012 Barbara Stewart

Barbara learned the music, then started a "slow session" to help others do the same. Learn how to get started by listening in.

Local Folk Feb. 6, 2012 Bob Paul

Hammered Dulcimer player Bob Paul shares with us a more elegant side to traditional music

Local Folk Jan. 30, 2012 Sue Young

One of the most psyched people I've met. Not just about the music, but about life.

Local Folk Jan.23, 2012 Rocky Rockwood

Mark "Rocky" Rockwood runs the Sunday night traditional Celtic session at Ri Ra. On this episode he shares with us another side to himself all together.

Local Folk Jan. 16, 2012 Jim Prendergast

- More info at

Local Folk Jan. 9, 2012 Chris Vaughn

The "Portsmouth Scot" shares his story and musical memories. Find out why he's "Proud to be a Scot"

Local Folk Jan. 2, 2012 Jeff Murdock

- relatively new to the music, Jeff shares his passion for music along with a few tips for beginners

Local Folk Dec. 26, 2012 Bruce MacIntyre

- Premier Episode. Nicknamed "Pavorotti of the Press Room", Bruce shares his influences and story on my very first Local Folk radio show

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